Monday, July 7, 2008

Fabulous Encounters #1

I know, I know.

dress: New Look
necklace: vintage
cat: one of a kind

I haven't been posting for ages - I'm sorry. I've been preparing the first of our three upcoming Fashion Encounters, which, together with my occasional working to pay for my spaghetti, made it impossible to update this blog. Up till now!

But  I'm back, chattier than ever, with a whole lotta pictures -  hoping you'll just give me some love in return. 

Soon enough I'll be posting the other two interviews/photoshoots I've been bragging about lately, one with a male model and the other with a very special fashion designer. 
You know you can't wait!  ;)

Marina Hermanovna

Fabulous Encounters n.1
 Lorraine Cassen - fashion editor
Interview by Marina Hermanovna 

Plume, Lorraine's cat, wasn't too pleased with the photoshoot

1. Job/age/City your were born/City you live in?
I'm 24 and I've always lived in Paris. I'm a fashion editor for magazines such as Enjoy, Dandy, L'Homme.

2. When did you decide your future was in the fashion industry?
After 3 years studying litterature, I had the opportunity to get a summer job at DS magazine. And that was it.

3. Favourite designers?
Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Christian Lacroix and of course Balenciaga.

So he managed to hide while the weird stranger kept blinking his big black eye

4. Last purchase, future purchase.
Two weeks ago I bought a pair of leather and wood sandals at Zara. Right now I'm dreaming of glads with heels, but I haven't found the perfect ones yet.

5. If your style was a city/a movie/a dish what would it be ?
Definitely Paris. Even if it sounds a bit cliché Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, and here women have an incredible style, as you can see on our blog. If I could live in a movie, I would choose Grease for the party dresses, the retro glasses and the perfect brushings. If my style was a dish, it would be an ice cream with whipped cream on top : colorful, girly and sweet.

Let's continue our investigation into this girl's closet, shall we?

6. A style trend you could never follow or understand.
Urban streetwear style, like Marithé and François Girbaud... it might be charming on some girls, but it just doesn't work for me.

We've found the body of evidence: this girl is a huge fashion victim!

7. If your house took fire and you had 30 seconds to pack before escaping, what would you take? 
My cat, Plume.

8. What do you build your style around?
First I choose the shoes and some accessories; the rest of the look just follows.

9. I could live my life in….
Jeans, especially skinny: I think they are elegant and comfy.

10. Name three items or trends you'll never be caught wearing.
Ballerinas, and others flat shoes. Baggy jeans. And red, that looks awful with my blond hair (aside from accessories).

11. Some girls buy too may shoes, others are bagaholics. I know one who has 100 bras. What's your fashion bulimia?
I can't resist scarfs, I must own at least 50, and I keep buying more!

12. Tell me the three colors, three fabrics and the three brands you wear more often.
I wear mostly black, yellow and my beloved pink. As for fabrics I wear denim, cotton and cashmere. My favourite brands are H&M, New Look and N2 jewels.

13. My youth fashion faux pas I'm not ashamed to reveal.
I've made many faux pas, because I've tried anything. But the combo miniskirt + fishnet stockings and stilettos takes the cake. Or maybe baggy jeans with a big Nike / Schott logo sweater... this used to be cool when I was fifteen. I'm just sayin'.

14. The best fashion advice you were given?
Color on your nails is good for your mood!

15. Personal style icon.
Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, Cameron Diaz.

top and bracelets: H&M
skinny jeans: Cheap Monday
sandals: Bruno Frisoni
wristwatch: vintage
hat: Sandro (not visible in this pic!)

16. Tell me the name of someone famous whose style is overrated and one whose style is underrated.
Cameron Diaz always looks amazing on the red carpet. She can make a jumpsuit look expensive. Kylie Minogue has the worst look for me: granny in the daytime, blah at night.

17. Name a young designer off the chain.
Gareth Pugh, but he's already big in the UK.

18. When designing you find inspiration in...
I'm afraid I cannot design… I'm absolutely hopeless.
(To be fair that's my fault: she's a stylist not a designer - I should have asked her a different question! )

19. Tell me a funny fashion anecdote so we can laugh a little.
Spaghetti straps just don't like sitting on my shoulders, I guess. They tend to pop in the middle of the street, of course when I'm on my way to work and possibly late.

20. Fashion advice you want to give men.
Steer clear of hair products and huge baggy jeans. Try instead handbags and V neck t-shirts.

21. Miniskirt past 40, what are your feelings?
If the legs are OK why not? A woman can be beautiful at any age.

top: vintage
vest, pants  and necklace: H&M
bracelets: Claire's
sandals: Zara

22. How do you do your makeup? What about your hair, how do you wear it/take care of it?
I'm a make up addict, I can't see myself going out without powder, blush, flashy eyeshadow, khôl, mascara and lipstick. I bleach my hair so I must take care of it; I use moisturizing masks from Mizani.

23. My all time favorite beauty products and fragrances.
I'm addicted... to Dior Addict! I think it's sexy. And I'm also a fan of AquaEyes crayons from Make Up for Ever: fancy colors, easy to apply.

24. Cheap & chic: your feelings towards vintage and thrift shops.
I'm crazy about vintage and I love going to thrift shops and markets where I can find unique items for a few euros.

sweater, bracelets and T-shirt: H&M
shorts: New Look
platform sandals: Fornarina

25. H&M or Zara? 
H&M forever. They have the best styles, prices and quality.

26. What's the most difficult part of your job?
To deal the with the big ego of oh so many people…



jackie ♥ said...

beautiful pictures!

Lorentzo said...

Excellent pictures (like always, you're an artist) and excellent interview. A very interesting girl.


Dapper Kid said...

I love that dress and the cat is sooo cute, beautiful photographs!!

suzie bird said...

Magnifiques photos marina!!!!
J'espère qu'on fera bientôt un truc ensemble :)
Bonne chance Lorraine, t'es juste fantastique comme redac'!

Suzie Bird

CoutureCarrie said...

Great interview and pics! Love that huge pile of fashion mags :)

Isa said...

Merci pour l'interview !! Les photos sont superbes et m'inspirent ...
A bientôt !

Hila said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. Great interview and great photos.

Kira Fashion said...

fantastic cat!!!
i love cats!
a kiss

Fred The Mole said...

I did'nt knew your blog untill now.
Very good job and very nice pictures.

Fred the Mole

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Claudia said...

I loved the interview. And the photo's. And the clothes. And The cat. It was just a pleasure to read/see.

Marina Hermanovna said...

thank you guys !!!
I'm glad you liked my very first Fabuolous Encounter!!

I just posted the second one. I hope you're still coming although I haven't updated this blog for quite a while...


marina hermanovna

Fashion Is Poison said...

great post. the pictures are beyond excellent. i LOVE your room. it does look messy but with a personal touch.

Marina Hermanovna said...

Yes I love Lorraine's room: as soon as I saw it I knew I had to take pictures in it !

She was not so sure about it - " maybe I should fix it a little before the shoot?" - NO WAY! It's awesome !

I know Lorraine and I can tell you, entering her room is like taking a trip into her brain: lots of garments and pink, and ideas, and creativity and cats.

I have to admit, it looks like blondes do have more fun - darn it !


xAx said...

I love this blog, only just found it but 'faboulous encounters' are great!!!!!

James van Becky said...

this blog is awesome

THE BAT said...

your pictures and your blog just overall are amazing