Friday, September 26, 2008

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photos: Marina Hermanovna
model: Suzie Bird@Elite
styling: Laura Diesbecq
makeup: Morgane Goupy
hair: Makiko Nara
cat: vintage 
M&M's: photographer's own - but the model ate the whole thing!

No no no no, calm down. 
This post ain't no interview to the belgian designer every hipster loves more than life itself.
Oh, and in case you were wondering no, I haven't disappeared for good under a pile of unwashed socks or imploded after the fourth random guy called this week and asked me if I do ID photos. Like, duh!
I have been bee-busy doing this and that, and most notably I went to fashion photographer Boris Ovini's party, where I had the chance to:

- meet the adorable Karine from Metropolitan Models, who has been sending me an insane amount of foxes to check out on a daily basis ever since. God bless her.
- hang out with Boris, the most talented young photog I ever met who, unlike many colleagues, is not afraid to give you some advice and his true opinion about your work. Oh, and he's a hot piece of ass.
- try my newly found weapon of mass seduction: my nazi offspring haircut
If you think boys don't like girls with shorter do's (especially if you look like you are a Hitler'stache away from filming Anna Frank, the remake), you should think again. And then hit Tony and Guy (or cut it yourself blindfolded, which is just the same - only way cheaper).

This haircut - in association with a very androginous look -  has the power to make'em all meow and purr. 
It's like they are all closeted gays that would rather hang out (with a boyish girl) instead of coming out (with a real penis-bearer). Zing!

We have a deal. Let me write this white on white.

- eat two apples, a banana and some raisin. In the meantime the other guests had roughly a bottle of vodka and a half each.
This is funny because some of them that were pretty rude at the beginning (i.e. rolling up a joint while talking to me an then walk away to smoke it with somebody else) later became surprisingly friendly (i.e. hand me the entire filter to smoke some cardboard).
- meet the Uberstilish Goran, a designer from Maison Martin Margiela, that was irradiating coolness all around so brightly he had to wear sunglasses to protect his own retina. 

Although I'm a class-A wallpaper at parties I couldn't resist this dude that looks like he just popped from a Kusturica movie, minus a golden tooth or two.
I just had to speak to him. Here's what happened:

Marina Hermanovna: "I've been staring at you all night; you have the most amazing look ever"
He replied: "Funny. I was about to say the same thing about you"
MH - "You must be part of the fashion industry. Who do you work for?"
Goran - "Take a guess."
MH- "Ok, is it Helmut Lang?"
G - "No"
MH - "Ok ok, so is it Bruno Pieters?"
G - "Huh-uh"
MH -"Darn it! Who is it then?"

Who said models don't eat? Suzie likes to have 1kg cornflakes without milk every morning.

He handed me a white business card for an answer.  
As I squinted my eyes to read the white on white typing, I had the feeling the card was grinning at me. Finally the letters stopped dancing before my eyes and I was able to stutter


For the love of half-price Azzedine Alaia platforms, you should let an old lady have a seat before coming up with this kind of shoker. What happened next is just as shoking. 
The fiercly-clad macedonian born designer kept shooting me from all angles, telling me such flatteries that my keybord is blushing as I'm typing.

Who said models are stoopid? Suzie can breathe and count her toes at the same time!
While wearing glasses!

He also said he wanted me to model for the upcoming MMM showroom... so he would show his pics at his office and eventually call me for a go-see @ MMM headquarters.
Riiiight. I was like - "Dude, do you realize I can almost babysit the other girls?"
He just said "Let me do the talking. Don't say a thing. You are perfect for this".

Two days and lots of mobile staring later I got a call from MMM. I went there and a handsome guy took me to an even hotter dude, that led me to this beautiful italian lady, that slid me into an all-black spray-on jumpsuit and stared at me together with her assistant.

Marina it's my agent. He says if you are going to make me look like a nerd I might as well go home and play some Wii.

Hot MMM Mama: "What do you think?" (ah, I almost forgot what a weird feeling is being a model, when people talk about your appearence as if you weren't there!)
Assistant: "Mmmmm. Isn't she too skinny?" 
(WTF?! Too skinny to model? I'll have a three-days non-stop Chocolathon to get this job!")
Hot MMMM: "Well she sure has skinny-minnie thighs but this is actually good for the present collection. Have you already done this work before?" 
MH (don't say 10 years ago! don't say 10 years ago!!)
"Yes, for Martin Margiela and for Paul Smith, in Milan, back in the day" (shit! I blew it!)
Hot MMM Mama: "Oh no you didn't! With Vicky maybe?!"
MH: (Hmm, I don't recall any Vicky... I barely recall my zodiac right now...) 
"Oh actually I don't recall. It was too long ago (there I go again. Am I stupid or something?!)".

I'm pretty sure there used to be a plant right here where I'm sprinkling... let's just keep wtering, it will eventually grow back!

So, to make a long story short they liked me. 
My favorite designer hired me, not as a photographer but as a model. Wow. 
This makes me a model-turned photographer-turned model, if this makes any sense at all.

I had to go shopping to celebrate right away, so I bought this pair of UNIQUE shoes from Topshop and I started an intense styling session as soon as I got home that involved as well jumping, stripping and tiger claw climbing invisible walls to "Super Freak" by Rocasound Revamp, much to my kitties amazement.

So because of work (and me being a little lazy blogging as well, I won't lie) I am posting today some old pics I took back in March of model Sandra "Suzie Bird" Plassard @ ELITE, hoping you will forgive me and wait a few more days to see my interview with Mr. Dellerba from Givenchy. 
In the meantime check out this french beauty staying sexy with very invisible makeup , bedhair  and grandpa attire.
Right after this geeky shoot her carreer took off and she did Gucci and MMM runway... 


Marina Hermanovna


Anonymous said...


What a post, god damned!
I'm trying to focus on my work here, eventhough it's saturday, but I can't stop laughing as I'm reading your blog... You smart-ass stop flatter me like this, I'm stupidly blushing in front of my computer. Nice you had a good time at the little get-together things last saturday afternoon, despite some rude people. I don't understand, I had only invited well educated high-classed brats!
Blague a part, Goran confirmed he's in loooooooooooove with ya. He rang my door at midnight to get your precious phone number, as I was watching movies in bed. I am just trying not to fall in love too, my boyfriend's going crazy jalous again. Oooops! I did it again. Yes, your nazi look made my night.
Please try not not be so funny and bright, it's kinda disturbing.

Marina Hermanovna said...

In case you are wondering, I'm assuming the author of this comment is Boris himself.

(So that's how he does it, he works on Saturdays as well.
Personal reminder: focus more on money making instead of money splurging, even on sunny Saturdays, even on good hair days).


marina hermanovna

sara said...

i absolutely love everything about this post. it is hilarious and congratulations on your success! to make such an unlikely connection is bliss, let alone having it develop into something beneficial.

fabulous. keep on keeping on.

Susanna-Cole said...

I love these photos, especially the black and white one! :)


GARDE-ROBE said...


Check out my little online vintage shoe shop!!

Kind regards

KATLIN said...

Amazing amazing amazing. Lucky lucky lucky!!! :)

frncs said...

I think your photos are ace.