Monday, December 7, 2009

EleGaNTLy wASTED - subscribe to my new blog !

©mara zampariolo

Hi everyone, and thank you for subscribing. I have now moved to Typepad.
From now on I will be posting every week - I promise ! - on the following blog:

I have just posted a story featuring me at the supermarket (more pictures on my new blog).
I would like this new blog to become a web classic just like Garance Dore, Sea of Shoes, Fashion Toast, Suzie Bubble etc... To do so, I need some love from you guys.. please subscribe, link and comment.

© mara zampariolo

I will publish a small 'editorial' of roughly 10 pictures every week, its going to be either me or a stylish friend, with my punk rock take on fashion.


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Anonymous said...

Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
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Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love the photos in the supermarket!

MARA said...

I am no journalist .. I am a photographer.
But thanks !

hope I'll see your blog if you have one...

mara from EleGaNTLY wASTED
--> the very good style of very bad girls

ed hardy said...

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