Thursday, June 5, 2008

From Bollywood to Hollywood

jeans: Cheap Monday

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

1/ The Show

Yesterday I modeled for Keisuke Nagami, the young japanese designer wearing a wristwatch necklace (see older posts - "The White Rabbit").
The show took place in his fashion design school, and he made me wear an artpiece of his which left very little to the jury's imagination.

As me and the other "models" approched the runway, the girl wearing the wedding gown asked me how could I be almost naked in front of strangers. 
The answer is to be found in my respect for an artist's vision. How could I wear an imaginative deconstructed jacket with an old bra showing underneath? No way.
I just had to grab a Martini (or two) and do it, proudly giggling as I was displaying this unbelievable item in front of people from Chanel and Sonia Rykiel, among others.

Of course Keisuke was not the only one showing off his work. Yesterday I had the chance to meet many young talents and I got plenty of contacts to prepare some juicy interviews for you guys.

In between, let me introduce you to Elin Lejelind, fashion designer, pictured here wearing one of her creations, a drop-dead cute bat shirt.
I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it. 
Did I make myself clear?

As soon as I get back from Los Angeles I will interview her to show you more of her work, as she hasn't a website yet.

In between, if you want this shirt as bad as I do, you can email her - but you'll have to wait a little longer - 'cause girlfriend's gonna do mine first!

2/ The Trip

As for Los Angeles, words cannot express how excited I am. 
It's going to be my first time in L.A., and I'll be visiting two very stylish girlfriends of mine and yes, I'll be posting tons of new pics.
(Is a shooting on top of the Hollywood Hills too cliché? Who cares! Americans always take their picture en bas de la Tour Eiffel!)

So prepare yourself to meet the uber-stylish Constance Astbury, fashion designer and my very personal muse and Rachel Reynolds, a talented young actress/dancer whose hilarious misadventures you can read on her blog.

Now it's time for me to prepare my luggage. I plan on taking very little with me, as I know I can't help but splurge when I'm on holiday...

Fun Facts
I am flying Air Zealand. When I booked my ticket, I got to choose my menu and it took me half an hour because they have more choice than the Savini's.
Of course my session expired. Ha ha.

Fun Facts/2
Isn't it a ironic this shirt with some sort of wings on the back, right before I'm flying to the city of angels?

9 comments: - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

Marina, Lorraine
je découvre votre blog et je suis scotché par sa qualité : félicitation

je te souhaite Marina un excellent voyage et oui, reviens-nous avec plein de superbe photos

moi de mon côté, j'essaie juste d'humaniser la mode avec un concept de roman photos que tu pourrais aimer je pense

au plaisir de te lire et de symapthiser

street style romancer in Paris

George said...

Oh, I love Air New Zealand! I'm vegan, and the food they serve is beautiful... - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

i left you some great compliment
you insulted me whit no reason
i told you that i was telling my readers to read what you wrote me
you deleted all your insults

why ?

are you afraid of having done wrong

very courageous

i am gonna invite my readers to check that you deleted your insults

little parisienne said...

her hair looks stunning!!!

Valeria said...

Do you work as a model? I took some lessons of modeling in Ricardo Piñeiro's agency, but it didn't work lol. Although we're from different countries I would like to know if you work for some agency or if you just did it once.
Kisses, Valeria.
PS sorry, my inglish sucks, I'm from argentina if that explains it.

jackie ♥ said...

i must have that shirt as well!! what a gorgeous design. i must email her as well (:

and how sad that you are staying in los angeles right when i am leaving for europe! but please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

keep in touch,

Marina Hermanovna said...

Dear Style and the Tourist Pictures,

I didn't delete a thing.

Please bring your random rants and juvenile behavior somewhere else.

As for being afraid, I must say am rolling on the floor laughing.

Dina-Dyorre said...

Nice shirt and poses! I bet it's cool modelling for such a big thing.

And I don't have a clue why this blog has so little comments and such nice content! The photos are lovely!

Culture Horse said...

Marina, it's a beautiful shirt, you wear it beautifully. x