Monday, June 16, 2008

The Time Machine// The Twenties

Dress: Bizz
necklace: my beloved grandma's
glasses: $5, made in China, from downtown L.A.
shoes: Ash

English Text -  by Marina Hermanovna

I'm leaving L.A. in a few hours. I had the chance to achieve a lot during my stay.

I shot a men's editorial in a 2 million dollars house in Melrose with two models that are sweet as cupcakes, Blake and Leon @ Wilhelmina.

I took pictures of my muse Constance wearing outstanding outfit in her crazy neighbour's house, which looks like a Fellini's movie set.

I shot a kung fu video with world champion Rachel Reynolds in an abandoned parking lot, and by the end of the shooting we had a standing ovation from the windows of the surronding buildings.

I made an ass of myself on Hollywood Boulevard when they interviewed me for a T.V. show and I candidly admitted I haven't owned a television in years.
The host was left speechless for nearly 30 seconds, then she said "I'm sorry to do that, but we'll have to cut this. I'm going to ask you again  - Do you watch a lot of reality television? - and this time the answer will be positive".

I went to the Stars' Villas Sightseeing Tour, and now my 37 square meters flat in Paris looks just a little bit tinier.

I ate french fries every day, and my skinny pants remind me of that just as often.

I spent more money than I should and my luggage got consequently a lot heavier.

I went to clubs, pool parties, fabulous villas, thrift stores, samba shows, american weddings, dance schools, block parties and much more.

But most of all I spent quality time with my friends Rachel, Guido and Constance and this is just too precious for words.

I love you guys,

Marina Hermanovna

This outfit is late Twenties inspired. Today I'm too emotional to focus on fashion so I guess this is all I have to say. I hope you won't mind.


-h of candid cool said...

that dress is incredibly beautiful as are u

cave canem said...

I MISS you already, Mara.
Hope you stayed longer.
Thank you for being you

WendyB said...

Beautiful dress.

Marina Hermanovna said...

Hi you guys!

I miss you already... :(

At least summer has finally arrived in Paris too...


jetlagged m.

klaudi said...

wonderful dress! You looks perfect, your hair, glasses...honey ;)

Lorentzo said...

I have spoken about you in my blog. You know I love your photos.


KoTa said...

Ti rispondo qui: la misoginia non la devi prendere sul serio, fa parte del personaggio, non ti preoccupare. La realtà è tutt'altra.

Rachel l'ho conosciuta a kung fu, 3 annetti fa ormai.

Grazie del complimento, posso dire lo stesso di te, da quello che si vede.

Se vuoi, la mia mail è qui (lì, da qualche parte.