Thursday, June 26, 2008

Simply Stunning // Personal Venus

shoes: Agnès b. pour André
dress: Et Vous

I'm in Cannes. 
I'm ashamed.

The reason why I haven't been posting for nearly one week is that I am in heaven. Literally. 
I have been staying at the Eden Hotel for a few days, where I do little more than blowing bubbles in my Jacuzzi, tan and eat fish in fancy reastaurants.
I occasionally strutt my stuff on the Croisette and hit remarkable clubs at night.
So what's so imbarassing about this whole situation? 
Well, technically I'm not on holiday.

They are paying me to be in Paradise.
All I have to do is sit in a booth for a few hours a day and whenever a client shows up, translate a demo for a new videogame either in French or in Italian.

... Oh, here we hit the supermutant with a laser rifle. It doesn't work. Let's try a portable nuclear rocket launcher. We aim straight onto his face. He dies tossing his headskull necklace all around him. Now we're going to blow up a whole human village, but technically we could just hit the guy and run with the money...

Most people (aka. dutch people!) don't really need me so basically all I do is nibble, giggle and scribble.

The company I'm working for has also hired a girl just to hand over T-shirts to clients,
and she happens to be a delightful young lady whose real job is in the movie industry.

Yesterday at dinner she was wearing a black V-neck dress and a pair of sparkly blue Mary Janes. She looked like she just came out from a tango competition.
I fet compelled to capture her striking looks and personality, for Zena is bubblier than my Jacuzzi and sexyier than a filet mignon.

Tomorrow I'm also posting older pictures of Constance from L.A., just a little taste of the whole story, coming soon on Fields of Fashion as well as her interview.
Say tuned !

So long,

Marina Hermanovna


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