Friday, June 13, 2008

Vote for me! They already did!

Hi you guys, I need your help!

I recently did a casting for an Italian program: VideoMarta; they are looking for their new host for their streaming videos on the internet.

It's going to be huge and I need you guys to vote for me. I really want to make videos!

Here's the URL where you can find the videos of the three candidates,
Ilaria, Valentina and Mara (that's me! Marina being my nickname)

It's all in Italian but who cares? Just leave a comment in english pleeeease!

Marina Hermanovna


Pamcasso said...

I voted:) your italian is quite good.

Marina Hermanovna said...

thank you pam!

as for my italian, I must admit I cheated....

I was born and raised in Milan!




rachelactress said...

mara, did maurizio understand your talent or what?
you totally have to get cast as the new marta, the first mara....

Marina Hermanovna said...

Eeeer.... I didn't get the part, I'm sorry.

They picked another girl but I cannot reveal her identity yet.

I know it sucks but I saw this coming. For some strange reason, even when I do my best it's just not good enough.