Saturday, June 21, 2008

Straight up Curly !

pants: Alexander Mc Queen
shirt: Paul Smith
sneakers: vintage Adidas
bag: vintage Kodak
model: Victor @ Studio KLRP

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

I woke up this morning with the distinct feeling my head was planning to explode. By listening carefully I could hear the countdown.

I took 2000 mg of paracetamol; this moved the locusts that are eating my brain from the right emisphere of my brain to the left.
It still hurts pretty bad, but I guess it's alright since I'm lefthanded and creative, thus using mostly the right side of my cerebro. Let the left emisphere rot away, wtf.

Originally this post was meant to be about what grows on top of this youngsters' head, instead of what is nibbling the inside of mine.
So let's stick to the subject, shall we?

I think straight hair vs. curly hair is a very important fashion dicotomy that has contributed to defining each and every remarkable fashion era up till now.
Flower Children, Swinging London models, the Twenties, the Nineties, were all super sleek.
The Disco Seventies, the Eighties, the Thirties ... these eras were all wrapped up in head curlers.

So where it's at in 2008?
I can see now most girls and boys wear their hair straight, but there's a struggling minority proudly sporting a fierce set of curls - or even an afro.
I think this is refreshing. I'm so bored with the Victoria Secrets models' look and the whole Heidi Klum / Gisele Bundchen Long & Straight thing.

I want to see shorter, fuzzier do's !
Here's two superstylish kids showcasing the inner coolness of the new curls. To me, they make waves.

I just love the yellow Kodak bag. It's off the chain.

jacket: vintage
shoes: Zara
T shirt: American Apparel

Texte en Français - par Lorraine Cassen

Vous le reconnaissez ?
Victor est le mannequin shooté par Marina pour la série mode mise en ligne précédemment sur le blog.
Ce qu’on aime chez lui ? Ses traits ciselés et ses beaux yeux ténébreux, ça, c’est une évidence. Comme il s’agit ici de parler mode, je ne m’éterniserai pas sur son physique ravageur.

Question look, là encore, que des compliments, jugez plutôt : j’ai tout de suite flashé sur son pantalon Alexander McQueen parfaitement coupé, qu’il a choisi de coordonner avec des baskets vieillies, pour lui donner un côté cool.
Une chemise aux manches roulées (j’adoore !) sur un t-shirt basique et chic (signé Paul Smith), pas besoin d’en faire trop pour avoir de l’allure.

Enfin, point d’orgue de la tenue : le sac vintage jaune, choix audacieux que peu d’hommes assumeraient et qui vient transcender son look.


CoutureCarrie said...

Agreed, the yellow bag is off the chain! Thanks for your wonderful compliment :) Added you to my links, too.

KoTa said...

Mi sa di si. Io ho iniziato nel 2004, non so quando te ne sia andata te...

Come te la passi a Parigi, di che ti occupi?

Marina Hermanovna said...

Sono fotografa ...

Mah... io sono partita nell'estate 2005... hmmm...

KoTa said...

Mistero risolto: io ero al corso pomeridiano, te a quello serale.

Marina Hermanovna said...

A-Ha! Non ci avevo pensato! Caspita...

KoTa said...

Eh già. Bòn, linkata al dovessi aver bisogno di un disegno per il blog, fammi sapere ;)

-h of candid cool said...

That gentleman is so handsome. And he's got a great pair of trousers too.

He'll be my inspiration for embracing my naturally curly hair.

Key said...

you have a great blog!
what a stylish people :D

greetings from Mexico

Dapper Kid said...

Love the laid back look of the man, totally cool style!