Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Younger and Hotter in L.A.

bikini: Missoni
dog: vintage

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

So here I am in L.A.

What’s new? The temperature, rather obviously. The sun shines for real here in California, and hopefully I will get my first tan in three years (and if I don’t I’ll just buy it at Mystic Tan to make every milky european jealous when I get back).

Not only I am hotter here in L.A., but I am also 9 hours younger: I’ve been sleepy for two days now - I guess that’s the price I have to pay - but I’m getting rid of this side effect as I am typing or I’ll just ask the devil for a refund.

The landscape has changed a lot as well: palm trees gracing wide avenues, old Mercedes painted in solid gold, mexican boys wearing Dickies and wifebeaters, old cowboys riding choppers, girl bands with fake nails-fake hair-fake tits… Can you imagine this ?
L.A. looks just like I stepped into my Playstation while playing Grand Theft Auto !

bikini: Yamamay
shades: vintage Polaroid
sandals: frankly, I don't recall

Yesterday I started taking pictures of my muse Constance, for your eyes only. She knows she will be immortalized countless times during my stay in L.A. and she’s willing to patiently bear my constant photographer talk…

« Stop !! Don’t Move ! You look beautiful. Chin down a little – more profile… OMG, perfect lighting… »
I know I can be annoying, and sometimes I start being annoying very early in the morning.

Besides my constant(ce) shooting, we went to a sightseeing tour on Susnset Boulevard in her vintage Mercedes Benz, and I felt like we were in a David Lynch movie, minus the part where I fall asleep on my keyboard.

info: coming soon
gorgeous green nail polish: O.P.I.

We’ve also been eating fancy vegeterian food and going to pool parties downtown, where young directors, designers and models go. Later we went nightclubbing at the Green Door, where all the cattle, cokeheads and wannabe pornstars mingle.

Today we will go to the Flea Market, looking for pants.
I just have to wait a few hours more for Constance to be fully functional (I woke up at 5,30AM this morning, I suspect this might be related to me being 9 hours younger.).

Dedicated to my dearest Lorraine,
Marina Hermanovna

glasses: Joyrich


Pamcasso said...

hello Marina, I wanted to let you know that I'm planning to post about your site on Wednesday morning. I plan to post four of your pictures too. Let me know if it's not okay for any reason!

Marina Hermanovna said...

yes you can use some of my pics if you write my copyright underneath them.

thank you for posting about my site, I'm flattered darling !

cheers from L.A.,


Lorentzo* said...

I love the summer.

Your blog is in my links. I love your photos!

Kisses from Spain.

Marina Hermanovna said...

so is your dear Lorentzo!


marina h.

-h of candid cool said...

the 2nd and the last pictures are amazing