Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fun and Games in Bollywood

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

So you've noticed I didn't post in the morning as usual, huh? 
Sorry guys, I recently moved from to the city and my new flat still looks way less attractive than my cats' litterbox so yes, I had something else to do besides my usual geeky morning routine.
Furthermore, I still don't have the internet in my new apartment (I tried any given password to my neighbours wi-fi but alas! I haven't figured it out yet).

This annoying circumstances bring me to the local "Bollywood Internet Café", where I can write big nimportequoi* onto my blog for as low as 2 euros per hour.
My Bollywood Café is not fashionable at all, so I'm really sorry if you don't find this post as stylish as usual.

Of course, I could have taken my Mac to the Starbucks round the corner, where I could have had a nice Frappuccino together with my daily internet dose. But the thing is, I hate Starbucks and here at Bollywood Café I can get the internet together with a sauna without leaving my pc, and I won't be tempted by any eatery they sell in here, believe me.

Alright, this is supposed to be a fashion blog; let me get in touch with my inner fashion victim.
So this girl is cute and she's wearing an extra long dress from Zara. (Man it is hot in here. Still got to concentrate I little harder I guess)
I'm really in love with the print of this dress and they way she paired it with lots of metallic bracelets to echo her fine sandals.

The only improvement in this outfit I can think of is the colour of her nails. I think this would have looked hotter with a less predictable color than red. The Chanel Blue Satin would be a great choice, for it would add a little edge to this outfit.

(I am a sucker for the Blue Satin. Somebody gave it to me a couple of months ago, and since then I've been locked in my bathroom clasping the tiny flacon whispering to myself Musnt'nt hurt my precious, precious Blue Satin...)


Texte en Français - par Lorraine Cassen

Parfait compromis entre les styles hippie et sexy, cette robe bustier cumule les bons points : sa couleur pourpre, son mélange d’imprimés pois et fleurs, et, surtout, sa longueur. 
Cet été, on ne fait pas dans la demi-mesure, et, pour s’exhiber en journée, la robe longue doit impérativement recouvrir les pieds (une aubaine pour les filles petit format qui peuvent se percher incognito sur 10 centimètres de semelles compensées).

Côté accessoires, point trop n’en faut : des sandales sobres, quelques bracelets et un joli sac en cuir naturel viennent compléter le look sans le surcharger. L’ultime détail glamour : le vernis rouge sur les pieds.


Kira Fashion said...

so great, you reminds me Jolie in Cannes!

a kiss!!
see you!

-h of candid cool said...

pretty dress. i like her hair too

dayana said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.