Saturday, May 31, 2008

Boxing Marina

Today we moved to Paris. We started around 8,00 AM
We finished one hour ago. 

"Finished" for now. Tomorrow's another day.
We moved all of my furniture including a new chunky closet my old milanese kitchen and oh so many boxes.

While we were still packing I warned my boyfriend: don't fill up a box with too many books for it'll be too heavy. 

Of course he took my advice, so that each and every box we moved didn't weigh a gram more than a sumo fighter's corpse, espacially those graced with a spiky writing I happen to know.

Today we moved. We moved our washing machine. Let me provide you with more details:

80 kilos, 28 degrees, 6 floors, 0 elevator.

Tomorrow we'll move 30 boxes more, a tatami bed, the table, this Mac, two luggages and two panicking cats in their cages, who will be meowing their way through sunday traffic jams and matching sunday drivers, then meowing up to the sixth floor with no elevator, (did I mention that?)

This is why tonight I feel compelled to move you; please mercy for my swollen feet and momentary inspiration dry.
Allow me to post these editorial pictures I made one month ago and let the beauty of this young man do the talking, for I can barely type tonight, let alone write.


These pictures  are looking for a magazine to adopt them. If you are interested in publishing my editorial work or you have a question, please email me.

Photography: Marina Hermanovna
Styling: Yang Hartono
Model: Victor @ Studio KLRP
Hair & Makeup: Lise-Anne Marsal @ Mod's Hair
Photo Assistant: Thomas Vincent

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