Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our feet hurt....

So today we went out hunting for more beautiful people. 
I found the very first look while I was still in the subway (a present day version of Simon Le Bon) and lots of gorgeousness in any given way (including a couple of identical twins).

I also took a picture of my partner Lorraine Cassen, fashion stylist, whose looks are amazingly colorful and over the top.

(this means you'll finally get to see the blonde half of Fields of Fashion, me being the brunette half of course).

We are also thinking about posting more pictures of fine ladies, a "raw material" easily found here in Paris.
What do you think? Better keep it mostly men's or let the ladies in? 
Please, tell us your opinion.

Let me remind you that you can click on an image to enlarge it (right click to download it).
Tons of new pictures coming up, stay tuned!


marina hermanovna

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