Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Beauty and The Bricks

info: coming soon

We met this beauty on our second day in Courson, at the annual gardening fair.

It is not simple to dress appropriately for such an event, since it takes place outdoors and it's about gardening. You might be tented to slip into something shapeless and rough, but this young lady was able to keep it comfortable and tasteful.

When we look at her we know she is a city girl with a little place in the country, and not just a country girl.

How did she achieve this?

She picked raw textures and fabrics, such as the straw hat and the linen jacket that give it a little country feeling, and she paired them with iconic feminine details, like the black ballerinas and the wide foulard.

The proportions are perfection: she balanced out the loose jacket with a tight shirt and high waisted pants. 

The result? It feels like Audrey Hepburn herself cuffed her sleeves