Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blondes have more accessories

She's the one telling other people how to dress
- and she's getting paid to do so.
She's the one pushing the envelope.
She's responsible for some well-documented credit card disaster.
She makes little girls want to drop their Barbies 
- and play with her instead.
She's eager to see you in sky-scraper sized stilettos.
She can wear fuschia total look - and get away with it.
She believes in over-accessorizing (sorry Coco). 
She mixes prints, feelings, cocktails, and much more.
She wears ponies around her neck 
- and nobody dares calling Peta.

Give it up for my partner
super fabulous iconic fashion stylist

Lorraine "The Blondie" Cassen !!



Chike-Ikechi Is said...

Cute dress!! nautical fashion is going to big this summer...

Sofia. said...

I am deeply in love with the pony. Where is it from? Anyone care to tell me?

Lorraine Cassen said...

Hi Sofia,
I bought the pony at JOY, 38 rue du Roi de Sicile, Paris 4ème

gilda said...

that pony necklace is so cute. i love this outfit! wish i had the legs to pull it off.