Friday, May 16, 2008

ShoeBiz: Do try this at home

Update: mexican slippers are indeed the hottest thing under the parisian sun (nevermind it is actually raining while I'm writing...).

Try to think of any another pair of shoes that could possibly complete this look. Any idea? Neither do we.

So here's why we're prescribing you some espadrillas:

- they are unisex, yet they look androgynous on both sexes. 
- they're ethnical, but not too much (whereas a sombrero... well, you know)
- they're as comfy as sandals but you can still go to work (men)
- they are as comfy as sandals, but you don't have to stress about your pedicure (women)
- they're as comfy as sandals plus you don't have to worry about anyone stepping on your toes.
- they go with pretty much anything, a pair of jeans or a dress, or a miniskirt.
- they are cheap. You can get a pair for as little as 9,90€ (H&M).
(God I hate those #.99 prices! I swear I'd rather pay 10€)
- they are not too mainstream for now. Hurry up!

We have the feeling these little black slippers are going to be the new Converse.


Lorentzo* said...

Oh my God! What an incredible style!

I like very much your blog. The photos are excellent and all the men of the photographs are very stylish.


Marina Hermanovna said...

Hi Lorentzo!

I dig your blog too. He's in my fav list on safari,
and pretty soon it'll be on my fav list on my blog.
I especially appreciate that you are writing about photography and inspiration and not just about fashion.


marina hermanovna

henry said...

Looking funky… I will try this at home. :-)

Anonymous said...

they're not Mexican slippers, they're Spanish.

other than that nice blog!