Monday, May 26, 2008

Simply Stunning // The Urban Squaw

English text - by Marina Hermanovna

This young lady opens our new column "Simply Stunning", c'est à dire a showcase of outfits that are indeed quite simple yet irresistible.
It's the Angelina Jolie look: don't underestimate it, it does wonders.
The girl pictured above likes her basics with a little squaw twist; the fringed cardigan is what makes her look sleek but not boring. The fair colors compliment her hair and complexion very well.
She's just the perfect parisian girl that believes in the power of understatement.

My friend and coworker Lorraine Cassen will start writing for our blog pretty soon.  She will post her comments in French; I guess this blog will become popular in Canada?
Also, we have tons of new ideas. Interviews, How to, The Time Machine.... Stay tuned!

Texte en Français - par Lorraine Cassen

On pourrait disserter sur ce doux gilet dans lequel on a envie de s’emmitoufler, sur cette magnifique ceinture tressée coordonnée au sac, qui fait lui-même écho au slim noir, la petite touche rock de ce look tout en douceur.
Mais la beauté de cette jeune fille parle d’elle même, et on a juste envie de se laisser envoûter par le charme des ses yeux noisettes, de ses longs cheveux sauvages et de son doux visage aux rondeurs encore enfantines.



Anonymous said...

I really love the photos you'Re taking. And the colours of your blog! <3

Marina Hermanovna said...

I think I just blushed!


rachelactress said...

this style is very popular in hollywood, especially among actresses. because it's artsy and at the same time looks put together without looking too polished... and the hair is perfect.. very angelina jolie-esque, like you said...

-h of candid cool said...

simply chic