Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tiny, Nerdy, Easy, Breezy, Ritchie?

We noticed this girl while she was sitting with her friend in a park. She was barefoot and had removed most of the accessories she's wearing in this picture.
But we knew there was something about her.
When she agreed to have her picture taken, the magic of accessorizing took place - proving that indeed there was some charming je ne sais pas quoi* going on.
We'll try to break it down:

50% southern italian / 50% french girl:
black&white Vichy checked dress (Zara) +
Lolita's red platforms + 
tiny leather besace +
big black Wayfarer + 
geeky digital wristwatch (Casio) =

a fresher, european version of Nicole Ritchie. 
Très jolie.**

*"I don't know exactly what", undefinable
**Very pretty


Gabriela said...

I love it! This blog is amazing, it feels that all these people are so genuine. This girl is really cute, adorable there really is that je ne sais pas quoi... And I love that dress I saw it in Zara, almost bought it, but there were so many people in la queue de la caisse and I was in such a hurry...

klaudi said...

She is so pretty! Amazing glasses. I've seen some Scandinavian girls with them on and one girl from Poland as well. I love this trend!

Marina Hermanovna said...

hey klaudia!
Nice to hear from you.
I love this trend too,although here in Paris it is already starting to fade (besides, not everyone can pull this off).



marina hermanovna

Carolina Lange said...

Love her dress, it is so cute!

Chike-Ikechi Is said...

Lovely photography!! The background complements her outfit beautifully. She, too, is beautiful and the glasses are amazing like others have said. Great blog...your commentary is a nice addition