Thursday, May 22, 2008

( I take pictures )

hat & shoes: vintage
tank top & leggings: H&M
fishnet top: custom made by a painter
nail polish: Chanel - blue satin

She's the one irritating your eyes with a reflective panel.
She says "Jump!" and models say "How high?"
She's the one asking the makeup artist to start over,"'cause poor thing looks like a panda".
She splurges on photographic equipment and shoes, and she doesn't feel guilty at all.
She's already strangled 18 amateurs who said 
"Nice pictures! Must be easy with that camera!"
She doesn't give a squirrel about your holiday pictures.
She won't lend you any of her art books 
"Musn't hurt the precious... My precious.... treasure"
She's charging big bucks to photoshop big bottoms.

And yes, she used to be a model and she hated it......

Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for me, myself and I
supernasty italian snapper and mayjah web writer,

Marina Hermanovna Rukarijekic !!


(I know you guys, just kidding)

11 comments: - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

hi stylish friend

i just discovered your blog and he looks great

I just wanted to tell you that I met Sarah Jessica parker / Sex and the city Monday in Paris and did great shots that you’ll certainly like

I also got great shots during the sunny days in Paris

Have a look and enjoy !
and may be one day i 'll be in your fav blogs ! lol


Street style romancer in Paris

Marina Hermanovna said...

Hi copie-and-paste friend,

I see you wrote the exact same post on several different blogs.

I guess we can assume that:

1- you don't allow my comments on your blog, but in your opinion I should act different. Why, if I may?
2- you believe style bloggers only read their own site, so nobody will realize.
3- you think complimenting other's work with the exact same words you are complimenting anybody else is not poor netiquette.

I will be 100% sincere, and tell you what I think about your blog in a few words.

Awful amateur photography.
No talent in writing whatsoever.

And there you have it.

miss van der rohe said...

finally after 2 hours I discovered how to put a fucking cOmMenT in this blog,
My dear dear dear best friend mara...I miss you very much
I like walter with this prince -dracula allure in the pink flowers, very fiabesque.
here is raining and i have to take the motorino for the streets of "Milano la nebbiosa"(the FOGGY), this is also very fiabesque and equally dangerous as dracula in a nice garden. Kiz

Lorentzo* said...

Wow!! Incredible style.


Marina Hermanovna said...

you mean the picture or the rant?


rachelactress said...

this is really beautiful. great pose, natural and soft.
you are so elegant. - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...


je découvre ta reponse !
wouah !

tu me reporoches de te faire le même compliment qu'aux autres. ok
1-tu n'éccepte pas que je compliment d'utres blogs ?
2-j'alertais que j'vais des photos de Saraha Jessica Parker. Pourquoi devrais- l'écrire différement pour chaque blog ? c'est comme un communicqué et personne ne s'ofusque de recevoir une même info d'ordre généalre. C'est même logique. Elle, Vogue, et autres agences écrivent-il 300 000 magazines différents pour chacune de leur lectrice ????

je n'ai pas autorisé ton commentaire sur mon blog ???
les seul que je supprime sont ceux qui sont insultant et visiblement ce devait être le cas.

je vais me faire un plaisir de publier té réponse dans mon blog

voyons voir ce que la communauté en pense...

have a wonderful day !

have fun

Marina Hermanovna said...

Dear Kamel Toe,

I will be mean, and publish your rants.
You say I insulted you ; let me set the record straight.
There is a difference between insulting somebody and having a negative opinion about his/her work or behavior ; you just don’t seem to get this.
If I called you a talentless airhead, or vapid cunt you would be right : this is insulting indeed. Only thing is, I didn’t.
I said you don’t have any talent in writing or photography, and your tourist pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker couldn’t change my mind on this subject matter.
So if you want to submit my opinions to the « community », go ahead ; I don’t give a cockroach.
I am not interested in the majority of people darling, but in a very fine minority.
So please, go ask the masses.
Anyway, my opinion won’t change, despite your virtual rants. You are just a random girl with a digital camera who dares calling her snapshits postcards.
Flash news: postcards are usually made by professional photographers.
If you have more rants, please, feel free to post them in French, as I see you are having a hard time expressing yourself in English.
I see you also don't seem to understand english very well. Of course I would not expect Elle to make a different entry for each and every one of its readers, but honey:
1 - you are no Elle magazine, let alone Vogue
2 - would you like a man to compliment you with the exact same words he used for all of his exes?
Because this is what you do.
3 - So you admit you comment on blogs for self-promotion. Of course you can do that, although it's not quite stylish, but in this case spare me your fake ass copy and paste compliments.
4 - Please tell me you are kidding with the whole "let's see what the community thinks" thing. It is so immature that it would sound weird in kindergarden.

Carissa said...

you are fantastic

Lisa said...

I can see why he took notice!

It's lovely.

Secondly, you're basically my hero for the comment war with "Copy and Paste".

You fucking rule.

Marina Hermanovna said...

thanks Lisa.

this is hilarious but not nearly as funny as going to check out this byiatch's pics...
they bring the LOLS, the ROFLS, the LMAOS and God knows what else.