Friday, May 30, 2008

Simply Stunning // Bag Lady

sandals and shades: Lanvin
Tshirt: H&M
bag: Stella Mc Cartney

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

I know, I know. She would be stunning even standing in a manhole with banana peels on top of her head, I'll give you this.
Anyway, I would certainly take styling tips from a girl that's chic even while holding two orange plastic bags, wouldn't you? 
After all it's not easy to pull off an "Armani".

The "Armani" (black Tee + jeans, a style made famous by the designer who wore it to most of his fashion shows) is not as easy as it might appear, for it could slip into butch or just blah if paired the wrong accessories.
She made sure it looks feminine with Lanvin gladiators, flowy hair and lots of charme.

(She reminds me of somebody, but who? Right now, I just cannot recall. Any ideas you guys? A model? An acress? A singer? Who knows? Seriously, it's driving me crazy)

Texte en Français - par Lorraine Cassen

Le sac shopping deviendra-t-il le nouveau it bag ? Je reste sceptique, mais une chose est sûre : ne vous fiez pas à son style faussement décontracté, cette charmante demoiselle maîtrise la mode sur le bout des doigts. 

On applaudit le choix du jean et du top (H&M), qui mettent parfaitement en valeur ses jolies courbes. On se damnerait pour ses nu-pieds Lanvin, dont la découpe graphique allonge subtilement la jambe (un exploit pour des chaussures plates qui, associées à un slim, ont souvent tendance à tasser méchamment la silhouette). 
Le sac XL blanc signé Stella McCartney et les lunettes aux proportions parfaites apportent la touche finale à ce look casual chic. 


Kira Fashion said...

yes, she is!

a kiss!!

-h of candid cool said...

oh my God! She's absolutely simply STUNNING! I love a tortoise shell sunglass.

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