Saturday, May 17, 2008

Atomic Number < 47 >

This is the second time in two months that I meet someone wearing Converse and I don't yawn

I mean, sterling silver heels? As Miss Hilton would say "Hey, that's hot!". It sure is.
So hot it actually melts only at 961,78°C (although I'm not sure she would get this).

Anyway. The best part is, 
this guy managed to match his shoes with his hair



Kira Fashion said...


i love your blog,
i saw your comment at Carolina´s lange blog. So, i am adding you to my blogroll, will you do a list of favoites? add me too!

a kiss and hug,
let´s be in touch,

see you,

Marina Hermanovna said...

hi Kira!

Yes you are right, I should totally do a list of favorites.
This blog is only like two weeks old and I have so much to learn.
I saw your blog and I like how you dissect trends, especially when it comes to shoes and bags.


marina hermanovna

Ragamala said...

this post is brilliant!