Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pool Poulettes*

shoes: vintage
shades: vintage Polaroid
dress, hat: vintage (Rose Bowl)

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

My friend Constance took me to the Rose Bowl, the awesome monthly flea market that takes place in Pasadena.

Somewhere between my second greasy hotdog and my very first California sunstroke, I scored a pair of puffy Catherine Malandrino shorts, some beige crochet espadrillas and the flowy dress with floral embroidery pictured above, that looks similar to the one Jackie from Sweaters and Vests is craving.

I think the flowy white dress is the summer's equivalent to the little black dress, which means effortless appeal and impressive versatility.

shades: Playboy
white shirt: I'm asking my friend Constance tonight

I will wear this dress loose for pool parties and on the beach, with vintage richelieus and a straw hat; I can eventually dress this up only by keeping a few accessories in my bag!  I could lose the hat and throw in a wide green belt with a golden buckle and big round sunglasses.

(I would wear the belt high on my waist, as I was never sold on the low-on-the-hips-wide-belt trend).

* Chicks


lorentzo* said...

Seriously, your blog is incredible. "Fields of fashion" and "The Sartorialist" are the best street-style bloga of the world. I love all your photos!!


Marina Hermanovna said...

This comment made my day....

I wish I was invited to fashion events as The Sartorialist where you can find tons of great individuals to shoot... but alas! For now I'll just keep shooting my friends and random people.

I just wish Scott Schuman would publish my comments on the Sartorialist, but for some reason he censors me all the time.

Weird, huh?

jackie ♥ said...

lovely pictures again!

im glad youre having fun in LA and that dress is so great :)

make sure to stop by melrose!

Marina Hermanovna said...

hi jackie!

sure I will, I'm having a great time with my friends and doing some shopping, to say the least.

More pics coming in a day or two...

Enjoy your trip to Europe, hopefully next time we'll have a chance to meet.


-h of candid cool said...

the 2nd picture is so chic and glamourous