Saturday, June 28, 2008


dress: Prada
slingbacks: Marni
the photographer's shadow: casted it myself

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

These pictures are just a starter for my upcoming interview with fashion designer and muse Constance Astbury.
During my stay in Los Angeles we shot a fashion editorial in her neighbour's flat, starring Constance as a fairly crazy lady in a whole lot of mess.

The shooting has been difficult, to say the least. 
I had very little light to work with as I could not bring my lighting equipment and I'd rather shoot with natural light than using a cobrasnake flash.

Fun Facts:
Not only Flash Packs cost like a sports' motorbike and weigh like a 9 years old, but these bulky batteries get inevitably mistaken for bombs during X-ray inpections at the airport. 
How about renting instead?

The flat was very small and filled with furniture and fragile décor of all sorts, which translates into moving like Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapement while holding a wide angle lens, while directing a stunning yet somewhat stubborn subject. 

Did I mention that we had no makeup artist, no hairstylist, no assistants, no styling, no time at all?
Because of course we didn't.
Nevertheless we took many pictures I can't wait to show you guys... hopefully you'll go easy on  my first interview as well, as I am not a journalist by any means.


Marina Hermanovna

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Simply Stunning // Personal Venus

shoes: Agnès b. pour André
dress: Et Vous

I'm in Cannes. 
I'm ashamed.

The reason why I haven't been posting for nearly one week is that I am in heaven. Literally. 
I have been staying at the Eden Hotel for a few days, where I do little more than blowing bubbles in my Jacuzzi, tan and eat fish in fancy reastaurants.
I occasionally strutt my stuff on the Croisette and hit remarkable clubs at night.
So what's so imbarassing about this whole situation? 
Well, technically I'm not on holiday.

They are paying me to be in Paradise.
All I have to do is sit in a booth for a few hours a day and whenever a client shows up, translate a demo for a new videogame either in French or in Italian.

... Oh, here we hit the supermutant with a laser rifle. It doesn't work. Let's try a portable nuclear rocket launcher. We aim straight onto his face. He dies tossing his headskull necklace all around him. Now we're going to blow up a whole human village, but technically we could just hit the guy and run with the money...

Most people (aka. dutch people!) don't really need me so basically all I do is nibble, giggle and scribble.

The company I'm working for has also hired a girl just to hand over T-shirts to clients,
and she happens to be a delightful young lady whose real job is in the movie industry.

Yesterday at dinner she was wearing a black V-neck dress and a pair of sparkly blue Mary Janes. She looked like she just came out from a tango competition.
I fet compelled to capture her striking looks and personality, for Zena is bubblier than my Jacuzzi and sexyier than a filet mignon.

Tomorrow I'm also posting older pictures of Constance from L.A., just a little taste of the whole story, coming soon on Fields of Fashion as well as her interview.
Say tuned !

So long,

Marina Hermanovna

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Straight up Curly !

pants: Alexander Mc Queen
shirt: Paul Smith
sneakers: vintage Adidas
bag: vintage Kodak
model: Victor @ Studio KLRP

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

I woke up this morning with the distinct feeling my head was planning to explode. By listening carefully I could hear the countdown.

I took 2000 mg of paracetamol; this moved the locusts that are eating my brain from the right emisphere of my brain to the left.
It still hurts pretty bad, but I guess it's alright since I'm lefthanded and creative, thus using mostly the right side of my cerebro. Let the left emisphere rot away, wtf.

Originally this post was meant to be about what grows on top of this youngsters' head, instead of what is nibbling the inside of mine.
So let's stick to the subject, shall we?

I think straight hair vs. curly hair is a very important fashion dicotomy that has contributed to defining each and every remarkable fashion era up till now.
Flower Children, Swinging London models, the Twenties, the Nineties, were all super sleek.
The Disco Seventies, the Eighties, the Thirties ... these eras were all wrapped up in head curlers.

So where it's at in 2008?
I can see now most girls and boys wear their hair straight, but there's a struggling minority proudly sporting a fierce set of curls - or even an afro.
I think this is refreshing. I'm so bored with the Victoria Secrets models' look and the whole Heidi Klum / Gisele Bundchen Long & Straight thing.

I want to see shorter, fuzzier do's !
Here's two superstylish kids showcasing the inner coolness of the new curls. To me, they make waves.

I just love the yellow Kodak bag. It's off the chain.

jacket: vintage
shoes: Zara
T shirt: American Apparel

Texte en Français - par Lorraine Cassen

Vous le reconnaissez ?
Victor est le mannequin shooté par Marina pour la série mode mise en ligne précédemment sur le blog.
Ce qu’on aime chez lui ? Ses traits ciselés et ses beaux yeux ténébreux, ça, c’est une évidence. Comme il s’agit ici de parler mode, je ne m’éterniserai pas sur son physique ravageur.

Question look, là encore, que des compliments, jugez plutôt : j’ai tout de suite flashé sur son pantalon Alexander McQueen parfaitement coupé, qu’il a choisi de coordonner avec des baskets vieillies, pour lui donner un côté cool.
Une chemise aux manches roulées (j’adoore !) sur un t-shirt basique et chic (signé Paul Smith), pas besoin d’en faire trop pour avoir de l’allure.

Enfin, point d’orgue de la tenue : le sac vintage jaune, choix audacieux que peu d’hommes assumeraient et qui vient transcender son look.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Time Machine// The Twenties

Dress: Bizz
necklace: my beloved grandma's
glasses: $5, made in China, from downtown L.A.
shoes: Ash

English Text -  by Marina Hermanovna

I'm leaving L.A. in a few hours. I had the chance to achieve a lot during my stay.

I shot a men's editorial in a 2 million dollars house in Melrose with two models that are sweet as cupcakes, Blake and Leon @ Wilhelmina.

I took pictures of my muse Constance wearing outstanding outfit in her crazy neighbour's house, which looks like a Fellini's movie set.

I shot a kung fu video with world champion Rachel Reynolds in an abandoned parking lot, and by the end of the shooting we had a standing ovation from the windows of the surronding buildings.

I made an ass of myself on Hollywood Boulevard when they interviewed me for a T.V. show and I candidly admitted I haven't owned a television in years.
The host was left speechless for nearly 30 seconds, then she said "I'm sorry to do that, but we'll have to cut this. I'm going to ask you again  - Do you watch a lot of reality television? - and this time the answer will be positive".

I went to the Stars' Villas Sightseeing Tour, and now my 37 square meters flat in Paris looks just a little bit tinier.

I ate french fries every day, and my skinny pants remind me of that just as often.

I spent more money than I should and my luggage got consequently a lot heavier.

I went to clubs, pool parties, fabulous villas, thrift stores, samba shows, american weddings, dance schools, block parties and much more.

But most of all I spent quality time with my friends Rachel, Guido and Constance and this is just too precious for words.

I love you guys,

Marina Hermanovna

This outfit is late Twenties inspired. Today I'm too emotional to focus on fashion so I guess this is all I have to say. I hope you won't mind.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Vote for me! They already did!

Hi you guys, I need your help!

I recently did a casting for an Italian program: VideoMarta; they are looking for their new host for their streaming videos on the internet.

It's going to be huge and I need you guys to vote for me. I really want to make videos!

Here's the URL where you can find the videos of the three candidates,
Ilaria, Valentina and Mara (that's me! Marina being my nickname)

It's all in Italian but who cares? Just leave a comment in english pleeeease!

Marina Hermanovna

That's all Folk !

colored jeans: Wax
crochet espadrillas, floulard: vintage
bag: Zara
bustier dress: Patrizia Pepe

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

L.A. is awesome, I'm having a great time here. Yesterday I went out with my friend Rachel, talented actress/belly dancer/world kung fu champion (for real!). We went downtown for some shopping and as we were on our way we stopped to buy a drink. I said to myself "Hey, let's try one of these fancy flavored protein drinks they sell here in the US, it can do me no harm!"

flip flops: Havaianas
poncho: from a tiny shop in Brazil
jeans: Levi's

They had it in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, and I picked the latter.
Big mistake.
The thick liquid that came out of the can tasted like chewing gum and left my fingers sticky and my stomach sore.
I could learn this lesson for only $3,79

After this refreshing stop I got cramps in my tummy but I knew I'd probably live through this, so I felt like jumping.
We looked for a nice background, and I jumped and jumped and jumped, and struck fashionable and hippy poses and just jump, jump, jump.

dress: Forever 21
sandals: vintage
necklace: les Nereides

One hour later I got a great shot and my stomach was a little better but my feet hurt.
Enough, I sound like a grandma with arthritis. Let's be a little younger, shall we?

bikini: Missoni
shades: Palyboy
hat: vintage (Rose Bowl - Pasadena)
foulard: from Thailand

These days I'm into folk-hippie with a contemporary twist.
My friend Rachel gave me a great pair of colored jeans and I first wore them with a sleeveles dress from Patrizia Pepe and a purple foulard from Thailand.
Later on I purchased a brown flowery shirt, all feminine and see-through and quite astonishingly it worked just as good with the hue of my new pair of jeans.
Four hours and 160 dollars later we went home with two bags worth of clothing, and I plan on showing you guys the rest of it pretty soon...

shirt: little chinese shop downtown L.A.
jeans: Wax
shades: vintage Polaroid

So long,

marina hermanovna

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pool Poulettes*

shoes: vintage
shades: vintage Polaroid
dress, hat: vintage (Rose Bowl)

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

My friend Constance took me to the Rose Bowl, the awesome monthly flea market that takes place in Pasadena.

Somewhere between my second greasy hotdog and my very first California sunstroke, I scored a pair of puffy Catherine Malandrino shorts, some beige crochet espadrillas and the flowy dress with floral embroidery pictured above, that looks similar to the one Jackie from Sweaters and Vests is craving.

I think the flowy white dress is the summer's equivalent to the little black dress, which means effortless appeal and impressive versatility.

shades: Playboy
white shirt: I'm asking my friend Constance tonight

I will wear this dress loose for pool parties and on the beach, with vintage richelieus and a straw hat; I can eventually dress this up only by keeping a few accessories in my bag!  I could lose the hat and throw in a wide green belt with a golden buckle and big round sunglasses.

(I would wear the belt high on my waist, as I was never sold on the low-on-the-hips-wide-belt trend).

* Chicks

Younger and Hotter in L.A.

bikini: Missoni
dog: vintage

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

So here I am in L.A.

What’s new? The temperature, rather obviously. The sun shines for real here in California, and hopefully I will get my first tan in three years (and if I don’t I’ll just buy it at Mystic Tan to make every milky european jealous when I get back).

Not only I am hotter here in L.A., but I am also 9 hours younger: I’ve been sleepy for two days now - I guess that’s the price I have to pay - but I’m getting rid of this side effect as I am typing or I’ll just ask the devil for a refund.

The landscape has changed a lot as well: palm trees gracing wide avenues, old Mercedes painted in solid gold, mexican boys wearing Dickies and wifebeaters, old cowboys riding choppers, girl bands with fake nails-fake hair-fake tits… Can you imagine this ?
L.A. looks just like I stepped into my Playstation while playing Grand Theft Auto !

bikini: Yamamay
shades: vintage Polaroid
sandals: frankly, I don't recall

Yesterday I started taking pictures of my muse Constance, for your eyes only. She knows she will be immortalized countless times during my stay in L.A. and she’s willing to patiently bear my constant photographer talk…

« Stop !! Don’t Move ! You look beautiful. Chin down a little – more profile… OMG, perfect lighting… »
I know I can be annoying, and sometimes I start being annoying very early in the morning.

Besides my constant(ce) shooting, we went to a sightseeing tour on Susnset Boulevard in her vintage Mercedes Benz, and I felt like we were in a David Lynch movie, minus the part where I fall asleep on my keyboard.

info: coming soon
gorgeous green nail polish: O.P.I.

We’ve also been eating fancy vegeterian food and going to pool parties downtown, where young directors, designers and models go. Later we went nightclubbing at the Green Door, where all the cattle, cokeheads and wannabe pornstars mingle.

Today we will go to the Flea Market, looking for pants.
I just have to wait a few hours more for Constance to be fully functional (I woke up at 5,30AM this morning, I suspect this might be related to me being 9 hours younger.).

Dedicated to my dearest Lorraine,
Marina Hermanovna

glasses: Joyrich

Thursday, June 5, 2008

From Bollywood to Hollywood

jeans: Cheap Monday

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

1/ The Show

Yesterday I modeled for Keisuke Nagami, the young japanese designer wearing a wristwatch necklace (see older posts - "The White Rabbit").
The show took place in his fashion design school, and he made me wear an artpiece of his which left very little to the jury's imagination.

As me and the other "models" approched the runway, the girl wearing the wedding gown asked me how could I be almost naked in front of strangers. 
The answer is to be found in my respect for an artist's vision. How could I wear an imaginative deconstructed jacket with an old bra showing underneath? No way.
I just had to grab a Martini (or two) and do it, proudly giggling as I was displaying this unbelievable item in front of people from Chanel and Sonia Rykiel, among others.

Of course Keisuke was not the only one showing off his work. Yesterday I had the chance to meet many young talents and I got plenty of contacts to prepare some juicy interviews for you guys.

In between, let me introduce you to Elin Lejelind, fashion designer, pictured here wearing one of her creations, a drop-dead cute bat shirt.
I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it. 
Did I make myself clear?

As soon as I get back from Los Angeles I will interview her to show you more of her work, as she hasn't a website yet.

In between, if you want this shirt as bad as I do, you can email her - but you'll have to wait a little longer - 'cause girlfriend's gonna do mine first!

2/ The Trip

As for Los Angeles, words cannot express how excited I am. 
It's going to be my first time in L.A., and I'll be visiting two very stylish girlfriends of mine and yes, I'll be posting tons of new pics.
(Is a shooting on top of the Hollywood Hills too cliché? Who cares! Americans always take their picture en bas de la Tour Eiffel!)

So prepare yourself to meet the uber-stylish Constance Astbury, fashion designer and my very personal muse and Rachel Reynolds, a talented young actress/dancer whose hilarious misadventures you can read on her blog.

Now it's time for me to prepare my luggage. I plan on taking very little with me, as I know I can't help but splurge when I'm on holiday...

Fun Facts
I am flying Air Zealand. When I booked my ticket, I got to choose my menu and it took me half an hour because they have more choice than the Savini's.
Of course my session expired. Ha ha.

Fun Facts/2
Isn't it a ironic this shirt with some sort of wings on the back, right before I'm flying to the city of angels?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fun and Games in Bollywood

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

So you've noticed I didn't post in the morning as usual, huh? 
Sorry guys, I recently moved from to the city and my new flat still looks way less attractive than my cats' litterbox so yes, I had something else to do besides my usual geeky morning routine.
Furthermore, I still don't have the internet in my new apartment (I tried any given password to my neighbours wi-fi but alas! I haven't figured it out yet).

This annoying circumstances bring me to the local "Bollywood Internet Café", where I can write big nimportequoi* onto my blog for as low as 2 euros per hour.
My Bollywood Café is not fashionable at all, so I'm really sorry if you don't find this post as stylish as usual.

Of course, I could have taken my Mac to the Starbucks round the corner, where I could have had a nice Frappuccino together with my daily internet dose. But the thing is, I hate Starbucks and here at Bollywood Café I can get the internet together with a sauna without leaving my pc, and I won't be tempted by any eatery they sell in here, believe me.

Alright, this is supposed to be a fashion blog; let me get in touch with my inner fashion victim.
So this girl is cute and she's wearing an extra long dress from Zara. (Man it is hot in here. Still got to concentrate I little harder I guess)
I'm really in love with the print of this dress and they way she paired it with lots of metallic bracelets to echo her fine sandals.

The only improvement in this outfit I can think of is the colour of her nails. I think this would have looked hotter with a less predictable color than red. The Chanel Blue Satin would be a great choice, for it would add a little edge to this outfit.

(I am a sucker for the Blue Satin. Somebody gave it to me a couple of months ago, and since then I've been locked in my bathroom clasping the tiny flacon whispering to myself Musnt'nt hurt my precious, precious Blue Satin...)


Texte en Français - par Lorraine Cassen

Parfait compromis entre les styles hippie et sexy, cette robe bustier cumule les bons points : sa couleur pourpre, son mélange d’imprimés pois et fleurs, et, surtout, sa longueur. 
Cet été, on ne fait pas dans la demi-mesure, et, pour s’exhiber en journée, la robe longue doit impérativement recouvrir les pieds (une aubaine pour les filles petit format qui peuvent se percher incognito sur 10 centimètres de semelles compensées).

Côté accessoires, point trop n’en faut : des sandales sobres, quelques bracelets et un joli sac en cuir naturel viennent compléter le look sans le surcharger. L’ultime détail glamour : le vernis rouge sur les pieds.