Friday, June 13, 2008

That's all Folk !

colored jeans: Wax
crochet espadrillas, floulard: vintage
bag: Zara
bustier dress: Patrizia Pepe

English Text - by Marina Hermanovna

L.A. is awesome, I'm having a great time here. Yesterday I went out with my friend Rachel, talented actress/belly dancer/world kung fu champion (for real!). We went downtown for some shopping and as we were on our way we stopped to buy a drink. I said to myself "Hey, let's try one of these fancy flavored protein drinks they sell here in the US, it can do me no harm!"

flip flops: Havaianas
poncho: from a tiny shop in Brazil
jeans: Levi's

They had it in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, and I picked the latter.
Big mistake.
The thick liquid that came out of the can tasted like chewing gum and left my fingers sticky and my stomach sore.
I could learn this lesson for only $3,79

After this refreshing stop I got cramps in my tummy but I knew I'd probably live through this, so I felt like jumping.
We looked for a nice background, and I jumped and jumped and jumped, and struck fashionable and hippy poses and just jump, jump, jump.

dress: Forever 21
sandals: vintage
necklace: les Nereides

One hour later I got a great shot and my stomach was a little better but my feet hurt.
Enough, I sound like a grandma with arthritis. Let's be a little younger, shall we?

bikini: Missoni
shades: Palyboy
hat: vintage (Rose Bowl - Pasadena)
foulard: from Thailand

These days I'm into folk-hippie with a contemporary twist.
My friend Rachel gave me a great pair of colored jeans and I first wore them with a sleeveles dress from Patrizia Pepe and a purple foulard from Thailand.
Later on I purchased a brown flowery shirt, all feminine and see-through and quite astonishingly it worked just as good with the hue of my new pair of jeans.
Four hours and 160 dollars later we went home with two bags worth of clothing, and I plan on showing you guys the rest of it pretty soon...

shirt: little chinese shop downtown L.A.
jeans: Wax
shades: vintage Polaroid

So long,

marina hermanovna


-h of candid cool said...

fabulous pictures, esp. the 1st one!!

Marina Hermanovna said...

( That's me in the first qnd last pic )


Nadir H. said...

love the atmosphere in this blog!